Friday, February 22, 2013

Mile 24 of the College Marathon

Since last I posted, the following has happened in what has turned out to be a full on marathon to college (really I was expecting only a half!).

1) The final three applications were submitted.  None at totally the last minute, but each brushing up against the deadline with in 2 - 3 days. And I was hoping he'd get them all done over Christmas break!

2) First semester grades.  The Senior earned a 79.6% in Calculus which did . . . NOT get rounded up to a B-.  That C+ kept him off even the regular Honor Roll.  B's in the other academic classes, A's thankfully in Band and Gym.  He took a grueling schedule which will carry weight, but the most competitive schools he is applying for (one of which is a favorite of his) are not likely to be impressed.  Perhaps good ACTs will save the day.

3) I have been doing the financial aid paperwork, which I think is now finished.  It was probably a waste of time, but with two kids in college next year, it seemed worth a shot.  Completing financial aid means getting the taxes done and completing a mound of (online) paperwork.  All schools require the FAFSA (which is easy); three of his schools also want the CSS-Profile, which requires two years worth of lots of financial data, punishes you for saving for retirement and having equity in your house, AND costs money to file.  The other schools all have in-house forms, which mostly duplicate the CSS-Profile forms, so require the same information entered over and over again.

4) He was not invited to audition on-campus at First Choice School.  This was disappointing, but maybe not surprising.  This means that he cannot be a music major or receive scholarships for playing.  Still, 75% of students in music ensembles at that school are NOT music majors, so it is still high on his list.  Playing, and not majoring, in music is probably what he wants anyway.

5) I have been chaperoning all the jazz events, which will rate a separate post.  I learned from the director that the Senior is  a very good lead trumpet player (which means something in jazz ensembles though I am not sure what), that this ability cannot be taught, that he routinely hits 2 or 3 notes higher than the lead trumpet player who graduated two years ago, known for his Dizzy Gillespe cheeks, and that the director of a Top Ten college jazz program who comes to their school every year wanted to give him a scholarship.  Which he never told us.  Perhaps he is not going down the right path, but I truly cannot see himself studying jazz.  Neither does he, apparently.

6) The last event is traveling later today to College with a Real Conservatory for an audition tomorrow.  The drive is about 4 hours and the biggest snowstorm of the year (which this year is not saying much) has hit.  It turned out not too bad around here but we will see heading north.

Then, it is all over but the waiting.

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